Our Proposition

»The purpose of an organization is to enable common men to do uncommon things.«

— Peter Drucker

Learn from Mistakes but Not the Hard Way

Whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit – we will support your strategic management and planning in many ways:

In a first analysis we will use one or two workshops to clarify your vision, your goals and where you are headed. In addition a stakeholder analysis might reveal areas of conflict and synergy, while a SWOT/TOWS analysis helps to identify strategic initiatives and measures.

Following this we will develop or adapt a strategic simulation model to support decision making and planning. This model will map relevant financial and non-financial performance indicators causally to relevant resources within your organization – and outside of it. Building upon a basic model we will discuss further development and refinements depending on the issue at hand.

Entwicklung eines Strategischen Grundmodells

The following extensions and applications usually come up:

  • Extending the model to build a management cockpit.
  • Implementing the model as a management tool (e.g. as a dynamic balanced scorecard)
  • Using the model to support negotiation with important stakeholders.
  • Stochastic modeling and risk analysis.
  • Training and gaming use of strategic models