Let Us Put Our Weight Right Where It Matters

One Face up Front

For you and your organization dealing with BSL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT will be rather clear and uncomplicated: You will have me as your direct, responsible, and immediately accessible contact. No rookies up front and partners in the back.

Dipl.-Kfm. Guido Wolf Reichert
Guido Wolf Reichert

I am an experienced management consultant with a M.Sc. in Business Administration –I am  also a former naval officer who knows a bit about leadership from serving on submarines. My professional focus is on Operations Research/Management Science (OR/MS) and associated quantitative methodology dealing with all kinds of Business Intelligence/Analytics issues.

My core competencies are dynamic and stochastic modeling to support decision making, risk-analysis, and problem solving in support of strategic and operational management.

Joining Forces to Deliver

BSL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT usually is not a one man show as I most often work with other specialists and domain experts to meet each and every demand my clients have. You will soon find out that to meet complexity and variety a network of dedicated specialists is much more flexible and effective than a big consulting outlet. It will also be more familiar and foster participation which is a necessity for success.

    We look forward to working with you and your team.