Version 2.0.0 (2021-12-06)


This information is part of the Business Simulation Library (BSL).

Some errors were fixed:

  • As reported by @dietmarw there was a variability mismatch with regard to setting the `Boolean` flags for flows should now be fixed.

This release adds the following classes:

  • The package CausalLoop supports fast building of quantitative models from a qualitative causal loop structure.

  • Allocation allows to allocate an amount to a number of recipients according to their attractiveness (i.e., priority) and their maximum capacity.

  • SoftMax and SoftMin.

  • IntegerInput, IntegerOutput, IntegerMultiInput, and IntegerMultiOutput (corresponding icons were added as well →Icons)

  • The partial package FlexTypeSignals allows to provide input and output connectors of replaceable type BaseType.

  • The converter Disruption can be used to model an exogenous effect upon a flow of information.

  • The converters PolynomialFunctionFactor and PolynomialFunctionDivisor make it easy, to do gross to net and net to gross calculations.

  • The type AmountRate(unit = "each/s") was added to enable convenient custom unit conversions for fractional rates (e.g., use displayUnit = "million/wk").

  • There is a package PartialSubsystems with partial classes to more conveniently build subsystems.

  • Some package icons have been added to →Icons.

The following modifications were made:

  • Lookup functions now allow optional conversion of times and rates, so that they may be formulated more conveniently.

  • Where reasonable smooth() has been made use of to allow tools to decide upon event generation; also noEvent() usage has been made optional upon the structural parameter strict in event generating expressions.