Subsystems that will only have flow ports to pull or push physical entities from other subsystems

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Social diffusion via direct contacts and/or a basic conversion rate


This information is part of the Business Simulation Library (BSL).

Actuators in general are systems that push and/or pull conserved quantities ("matter") to and from other systems while receiving and/or transmitting information (usually regarding the material process). Examples would be a mining company extracting resources from the ground and delivering raw materials to producers or a temporary employment agency sending workers to companies in need of temporary reinforcements of their labor force. Note that in the latter example the flow of workers will be controlled by that subsystem, e.g., temporary workers will be sent and retracted by order of the employment agency.

On a lower level, we may think of processes modeled as a subsystem, e.g., the diffusion of a new product via word of mouth.

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