Human resource planning



This information is part of the Business Simulation Library (BSL).

In this stylized model of human resource management, we are using →FirstOrderStockAdjustment to control the rate of hiring to keep a company's workforce at the desired level given in full time equivalents (FTE). The workforce in the present case is reduced by attrition as the average employment period is 5 years—we will model this delay as an exponential delay of 3rd order.

At the start of the simulation we will have the workforce meet its desired level of 750 FTE. The desired workforce will then ramp up by 450 FTE starting at the end of the first year over a time of six years.

We would like to keep track of the average experience of the workforce, which we will simply measure in years of relevant work experience. New employees will arrive with an experience of 5 years, but we assume that this will fall to just 2 years starting at the end of the first year over four years due to fierce competition for experienced workers. At the start of the simulation, the average experience in our company is around 8 years.

Model Output
  • The desired workforce.

  • The current workforce.

  • The current, average experience for the workforce.


  • In this example we make use of what is called a "coflow" (→HinesCoflow) to keep track of some mean quality with regard to entities within a stock (e.g., expertise of the workforce).

  • Using the structural parameters hasStockInfoOutput = true for workforce will introduce an additional connector y_stockInfo which we can then simply connect to the matching connector u_stockInfo for expertise. All we need then is an input providing the current attribute for new entries to workforce and we are all set.

  • Using the inflow and outflow ports for the coflow we can connect processes that directly change the average quality (e.g., gaining experience on the job as done here).

Connectors (1)


Type: ModelOutput

Description: The model's main output

Components (13)


Type: ModelSettings


Type: Growth

Description: Workforce entering the company


Type: DelayN

Description: Workforce measured in full-time equivalents (FTE)


Type: FirstOrderStockAdjustment

Description: How many people are needed?


Type: HinesCoflow

Description: Average erperience of employees measured in years


Type: Growth

Description: Gaining experience on the job


Type: ConstantConverterRate

Description: Rate of gaining experience


Type: OutflowDynamicStock

Description: Workforce leaving the company


Type: Cloud


Type: ConstantConverterTime

Description: Average length of employment


Type: Smooth

Description: The rate of leaving the company reported with delay


Type: RampInput

Description: The prior experience of new employees given in years


Type: RampInput

Description: The desired Workforce given in FTE


  • Modified simulation plots in v2.0.0.