You Never Walk Alone

As a cross-industry consultancy that is specialiced in advanced methods of Business Intelligence/Analytics, BSL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT works closely with other domain experts. We would like to explicitly name:

  • Jens Briesofsky
    Jens has studied computer science and veterinary medicine and has worked in both careers. He is supporting the development of cutting egdge solutions and computer simulation models. Due to his expertise we are able to offer hybrid simulation approaches, mixing individual microsimulation and aggregate System Dynamics modeling.
  • Dr. Rolf Mertig (GluonVision GmbH)
    Rolf has a Ph.D. in physics and is a renowned expert for Wolfram Language programming and Wolfram’s flagship: Mathematica. He supports our building of complex models and tools, but also may assist implementation at our client’s site should this be in demand.
  • Dr. Romke Bontekoe (Bontekoe Research, NL)
    Romke is a dutch astronomer, who is specialized in Data Science and in Bayesian statistics (we can highly recommend his excellent introductory course). Bayesian methods are often more powerful than “classical” statistics and their results are easier to interpret, thus they better address managers’ pending questions. It is a great relief to have Dr. Bontekoe’s scientific expertise in reach.

Our common interest is to combine ideas and expert knowledge from different domains and industries in order to generate specific and innovative solutions for our clients.

Together we can assure you, that we can meet your most demanding needs with the right approach and a convincing team!